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To: The United States Kempo Team
New Website Address!

We will be changing our website to a new domain,
while still keeping the Century Catalog on our new site.

(This site will still be up for awhile, but will be discontinued in a few weeks)

Some of the new featrures will be streaming news and updates,
easier online purchases and payments to your tution, when
purchasing equipment and uniforms, as well as an easier to navigate
photo and video section.

Our new site will be easier to navigate, enroll in our various martial
arts programs, making your initial down payments, and controlling
your payment options.

Please visit us as soon as you can. We will be looking forward to it,
while making as many new friends as we can!

New Phone Number for the School

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*Special Family rates for 4 or more members of same family 
                 *Special "Home School" student rates.


The American Kempo-Karate Association             Okinawan Tozan-ryu Karate                     The International Kempo Federation



                                     The Universal Martial Arts Association                                                         The International Seishinkai Karate Union
                                            Is Proudly Represented Here.


Commando Krav Maga

Beginner and Advanced Classes

Monday: Gracie Jiu-jitsu Basics (to Blue Belt) 9pm - 10pm               
Tuesday: CKM Basic 8:30pm - 10pm (Level 1 & 2)                           
 Wednesday: Gracie Jiu-jitsu Advanced Above Blue belt) 9pm - 10pm
 Thursday: CKM Advanced (Level 3 and above)                                 
Friday: Private training by appointment                                             

Saturday: 8am-9am - Open Mat                                                          
9am - 10:30am Women's CKM                            
10:30am - 12 noon CKM Basics                         
12 noon - 1:30pm CKM Advanced                     

Sunday: Private training by appointment:                                           
                         Boot Camps, Private training, Semi-private training                        
Seminars, Testing, Special Training                         

Mr. Dennis Stoika
  Commando Krav Maga Level 6 Instructor

Zingg's Karate welcomes you to our website!  

Zingg's Karate provides superior instruction in 
Japanese Toraken-ryu Kempo,
Okinawan Shorin-ryu Karate,
Toraken-ryu Ju-jutsu,
Japanese and Okinawan Weapons, and Unconventional Personal Combat
in scenic and historical Jefferson County, West Virginia.

Zingg's Karate Center is the perfect foundation for sound self-defense training, physical fitness,
and character building for the beginner and advanced student alike. 

Whether you are interested in exploring the traditional Japanese and Okinawan Martial Arts
of Kempo, Karate, Ju-jutsu and Kobudo as a physical art form or for sport competition,
or perhaps you are looking to expand your martial arts horizons by adding
a full-contact or grappling aspect to your exisiting martial arts training,
whatever your reason, Zingg's Karate Center is the right choice.

You can expand your skills and test your nerve through focusing on
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) concepts by cross-training in
Kempo, Karate, and Ju-jutsu.

Mr. Zingg and Mr. Duruttya are Certified MMA Officials
for Professional and Amateur events.

Come down and give us a try.
Our site not only allows you to find out information about our classes, instructors, and our martial arts style,
but we also provide you with a huge selection of quality martial arts products available for purchase online.
We are approximately 90 minutes west of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland,
in the beautiful Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia..

 Contact us t
o let us know how we can help you.

Zingg's Karate Center,
111 West Second Avenue, Suite B,
Ranson, West Virginia 25438

Thank you. 
Robert Zingg


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