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The American Kempo-Karate Association


Since 1981 Dr. J. Ron Cherry, Soke, 10th Degree Black Belt and Founder of the Shorinji Toraken ryu Arts, and Kyoshi Ray Ferrell, 9th Degree Black Belt, current Head of the Toraken ryu Arts and President of the AKKA, have led the American Kempo-Karate Association in promoting the Shorinji Toraken ryu Arts of Kempo-Karate, Ju-jutsu, Weapons, S.W.A.T. training, Unconventional Personal Combat and Unconventional Personal Defense to a world wide audience of professional Martial Artists, Military and Police Units and Agencies, and ordinary civilian Martial Arts students training in local Martial Arts clubs.  Dr. Cherry and Kyoshi Ferrell provides this specialized, quality Martial Arts training through organized instructional seminars and special guest instructor tours that are open to the public as well as special topic seminars for elite or private groups.  The American Kempo-Karate Association also provides a professional line of Training Videos featuring Kyoshi Ray Ferrell detailing the technical requirements for belt advancement from beginner to Black Belt in Kempo-Karate, Ju-jutsu and Kobudo.  For more information contact Zingg’s Karate Center for a Seminar schedule.