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Completed Sept 26, 2010
Moni Aisik - Comando Krav Maga Clinic

Moni gave a very well received seminar on Commando Krav Maga Gun and self-defense techniques.  Attendees from maryland, VA, WV and  PA.  Everyone came away with new ideas and a renewed determination to train hard.  Thanks Moni!  Special thanks go to Angel Stoika for coordinating the seminar and haul Dennis's injured butt all over creation! (at least until his broken shoulder heals!)
Sep 4 & 5, 2010
Patrick McCarthy, Hanshi, 8th Dan

Hanshi McCarthy gave a tremendously interesting series of seminars over the two day period. We concentrated on the two person empty hand drills from various kata and the two pers on Sai vs Sai kumite.

The lectures were especially interesting and many new attendees meeting Hanshi for the first time were really impressed with his depth of knowledge and scholarship. 

Many IRKRS and KU members showed up from as far away as New York, New Jersey, PA, VA and TN
with other attendees hailing from NC, VA, WV, Chicago, and Maryland.

Prior to the seminar on Friday evening, Hanshi amd many of the visiting attendees ventured over to the Chalres Town Race Track and Casino about 2 blocks from the dojo and had a wonderful dinner on the Race Terrace and experienced tremendous luck with the ponies, even though we didn't really know what we were betting on.  Thanks to our waiter we won 3 out of 5 races and all came away with a few extra dollars in out pockets!~  A great time was had by all and we really appreciate the efforts of Darrin Johnson in arranging for Hanshi's transportation while he was in our area.

Sep 4 & 5, 2010
2 person sets
2 person weapon sets
Kata Applications: 
Naihanchi and possibly Seisan, Passai, Chinto time permitting
Martial arts lectures

July 10 - 11, 2010Toraken-ryu Sogo Kempo-jutsu Arts
Summer Seminar

Completed!  Great turnout!

We had a tremendous time working with all levels of students.  The hidden strikes session was intriguing and open our eyes quite a bit to the possibilities and variety of strikes.  the numchaku grappling session was, as always, painful but informative!  Thanks you Soke Ferrell and Dr. Cherry. 

Can't wait til next time.

Dr. Ron Cherry, 10th dan, Soke
Mr. Ray Ferrell, 9th dan, Ni-Dai-Soke

Zingg's Karate Center
111 W 2nd Ave
Ranson, WV 25438

            Dr. Ron Cherry, 10th dan                    Mr. Ray Ferrell, 9th dan
1) Kempo and Ju-jutsu Self-defense
(Kids and adult sessions)
2) Hidden Strikes                               
(Kids and adult sessions)
3) Nunchaku Grappling
                     3.a) Kids session: Nunchaku handling,
twirling, spinning and kata

Nunchakus available for purchase - 12" and 14" versions


25 February, 2006 - AKKA Seminar, Baltimore, Md.Completed
Benefit Seminar to aid Kurt Hemich from the Kokoro Dojo, who was badly injured at work and is currently in the hospital.  All procceds will be donated to the Hemich family.  Our prayers are with Kurt and his family.  Further info can be had by contacting
Sensei Joe Calo, 410-360-2552 for time, place and cost.
2nd Annual AKKA Training Camp
August 26, 27, 28, 2005
Camp Thunderbird, Lake Wylie, SC
Great training!  Thank you Shihan Train for the Hakkyo-ryu, Soke Cherry and Kyoshi Ferrell for the privelidge of letting us feel the pain! Thank you to Sensei's Harrington and Caldwell for organizing this great event.  Happy 50th Birthday Shihan Zingg and congratulations on passing your formal Ju-jutsu test for Sho-dan!.  You have been training all these years and have never actually tested for a formal belt in Ju-jutsu before now! (multiple ranks in Kempo, Karate and Kobudo, but never Ju-jutsu until now!)  Way to go and show the younger generation you still have it in you and are not afraid to try new things.

1st Annual AKKA Training Camp
August 27, 28, 29, 2004
Camp Thunderbird, Lake Wylie, SC
Great time was had by all.  Over 75 attendees from all over the east coast.  Thank you to Sensei's Harrington and Caldwell for organizing this great event.  Happy Birthday Shihan Zingg, 49 down and 1 to go!

Seminar At Headquarters Dojo, Charlotte, NCConducted by Sensei Tom McDermott.  This is a fund raising event for Sensei McDermotts building fund for his new dojo.  Details will be posted soon.Completed - Great time was had by all.  Sensei McDermott
CompletedAKKA Seminar, Baltimore, Md.Anne Arundel Community College
Dr. Ron Cherry and Kyoshi Ray Ferrell
Topics: Street Kempo, Yawara/Kobutan, Kempo-Karate
Great training, lots of cool techniques, great fellowship amoungst us Black Belts as well as students.  Only one injury from the River's Dojo ranks, a cut on the elbow from taking a hard air roll off of an outside wrist press...hey, we offered you the mats!....Andy took his Shodan Ju-jutsu test and learned a great deal about techniques and preparedness. Great test nontheless.  Andy, you will be one of the truely great Black Belts one day in part due to your dedication, hard work, and keen investigative mind.  Good Luck on your next attempt.  The party at the Lowmans house was spectactular as always, I can't wait till the next one!  Sensei Rivers from the Stafford Dojo won the Buddha statue for having the most participants and Kyoshi Ferrell from the Headquarters Dojo won the Power Ranger Statue for having the fewest participants from his dojo. 
Completed24 April 2004Black Belt TrainingAKKA curriculum, Ju-jutsu & Kempo fighting
We had Black Belts and senior students show up from 3 states for training.  We worked on competition ground work, AKKA Ni-dan curriculum, Shindokan kata, Weapons Kata and had some great conversation and story telling.  Next BBT will probably be at The Rivers Dojo in Stafford, Va.

CompletedKempo Seminar

Presented by

The American Kempo-Karate Association & Zingg's Karate Center


The Shorinji Toraken-ryu Arts


27 March 2004


The seminar was a great success.  We had 40 participants from 6 states and we had a great time beating the crap out of each other.  Kyoshi Ferrell and Soke Cherry taught greast sessions on Kempo, Ju-jutsu, and weapons.  It was a blast to use some of the "improvised" bo's and jo's made from tree branches.  They worked out nicely.  The use of real rifles and shotguns for the long weapon self defense added a great deal of realism to the training.  It made a real difference on how some of the techniques worked with the heavier weight of a real 30.06 rifle or a 12 gauge pump.  Even using the mock wooden rifles made doing the techniques interesting and fun.  Can't wait till we get to do it again.  Kyoshi Ferrell and the Headquarters Dojo in Charlotte, NC, won the Buddha Statue for having the most participants at the seminar and Derrick from Georgia won the Power Ranger Statue for having the fewest members. The after seminar party at Shihan Zingg's house was a tremendous success.  Special thanks go out to Barb Zingg for putting on the dog for the guys and gals of AKKA.  Check the AKKA website for the next AKKA seminar in your area.  www.torakenryu.com