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Chosei Motobu, Sensei 2005 Seminar
July 30-31, 2005          
Fredericksburg Christian High School            
9400 Thornton Rolling Rd
Fredericksburg, Va  22408-1714.
visit: www.motobu2005.com

Motobu, Chosei, Sensei was in the US to teach a seminar July 30 -31, 2005 in Stafford, VA, USA.
Motobu Sensei is the son of Motobu Chokki, one of the most respected progenitors of Okinawan Karatedo. He is the exponent of Motobu Ryu Karatedo, Motobu Ryu Udun di, and several Kobudo disciplines and he shared his extensive knowledge with a standing room only group of students from across the US and Canada. The seminar was open to all practitioners of traditional Japanese/ Okinawan martial arts who wished to truly become a part of an historical event and to be personally touched the Motobu family legacy. Also in attendance was be Inaba Sensei and Kimo Sensei.

Topics included:  Motobu Chokki's 12 Fighting techniques, Advanced Bunkai (application) of the Naihanchi Kata,  Motobu Ryu Udun di.


Motobu Chosei Sensei, Hanshi, Soke of Motobu Ryu Kempo and Motobu Ryu Udonde arrived in Washington DC (Dulles International Airport) on his birthday, July 24th, 2005. He was accompanied by Inaba Takeji Sensei, Hanshi and Kimo and Kiko Ferriera. They were greeted by representatives of the Tri-State Yudanshikai Kenkyukai with small "omiyagi" and flowers for Kiko Ferriera, Motobu Sensei's translator. After a short "meet and greet" they were transferred to the van and driven to the dojo of Rob Rivers, The Academy of Kempo-Karate Shin Dojo for a surprise birthday party. This was the first time in over 50 years Motobu Sensei had celebrated his birthday in the "American" way. It didn't take long for Sensei Wright to ask just the right question to have Motobu Sensei on the tatami demonstrating Motobu Ryu. After about 2 hours, our guests retired to their Hotel for what would be a very exciting and unforgettable week. 


The week started with a quick introduction at the dojo Monday morning followed by about 6 hours of training from Motobu Sensei, Inaba Sensei and Kimo Sensei. Monday night featured dinner at Fredericksburg's finest dining establishment, The Log Cabin.

Tuesday morning took the group on a special tour of the nearby FBI Academy. As Motobu Sensei is a former police officer, the FBI issued him with a certificate of appreciation for his years of service to fighting crime and protecting the public. The group then had lunch at one of the TSYK's favorite haunts, Sam's Pizza and Subs. Before the food had a chance to settle, we were back in the dojo for another 4 hours of training.

Wednesday morning we off to Washington DC for a private tour of the US Capitol led by US Capitol Police Officer, John Lucas. The tour took the guests through every nook of the Capitol to include a viewing of an actual session of Congress! The tour concluded with a presentation of the US Capitol Police Millennium Badge Plaque from Officer Lucas. Sensei was ecstatic. It was then back to the van to
Charles Town, West Virginia, the Shenandoah Mountains, and the Dojo of Robert Zingg, Zingg's Karate Center.

The group was taken to a mountain cabin on top of a mountain in West Virginia where they spent 3 days and 2 nights. The days were spent exploring the treasures of Motobu Ryu and the nights were spent with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, food, and more food (thanks to Barb Zingg for all of the cooking!) and of course late night discussions about the history of Motobu Ryu, Choki Motobu, and Okinawan Karate on the back deck of Sensei Zingg's house.

Friday afternoon, after training in the morning, we left for Virginia and the home of Luis Feliciano, where his wife, Tammy, had prepared a feast fit for a king.  After a skateboard demonstration by the brothers Grimm (Feliciano), we off to the hotel to rest up for 2 days of excitement...the world was coming into town to participate in the Motobu 2005 seminar. 

"Shomen ni... Rei" as representatives from 8 states and 2 countries paid their respects to Motobu Choki, one of the most influential Karate Masters in the history of Karate. His son, Motobu Chosei and Chosei's most senior student, Inaba Takeji began to share with the participants the kata of Motobu as well as Motobu Ryu 12 fighting kata. Students were receptive and respectful...they knew they were in the same room with a true piece of history and a Japanese national treasure. Motobu Sensei and Inaba Sensei also found time to sign pictures, answer questions and converse with the "older" students of Okinawan karate who honored the training hall. 

The seminar was also host to an authentic Okinawan Dance that Motobu Sensei said he doesn't see very much even in Japan. He was very surprised. Many thanks to Chibana Volkmar, Shihan, John-san, and the rest of the Okinawa Kai for the wonderful experience.  

he seminar concluded with a presentation from Dr. Marc Farmer, Deputy Director of the US Marshal's Service.

Awards Banquet in Honor of Motobu Sensei, Inaba Sensei, and Ferriera Sensei

The Fawn Lake Country Club in beautiful Spotsylvania, Virginia was the site of our banquet in honor of our esteemed guests. Dinner was catered by a local chef and organized by Mrs. Karen Rivers. The guests of honor were then presented with gifts from many including the following Sensei:

Eberhart Welch, Kyoshi, Okinawan Shorin Ryu Shorinkan Association

Philip Koeppel, Hanshi, Kaicho, United States Karatedo Kai

Peter Kobos, Sensei, Seishinkai Karate and Wado Karate,  Canada"

...and many others

BBQ After the Seminar

    After the seminar, those who were still in town joined up at the Rivers' for a Virginia style BBQ with friends and family. Motobu Sensei told a few more stories and everyone ate until they could eat no more. Motobu and Inaba Sensei signed a makiwara board for Sensei McDermott with a very inspirational message. They soon left as we had to catch a flight in the morning.

Motobu Sensei's Departure

    The day we hoped would never come was here...very early. At 4AM, we were on our way to Washington Dulles International Airport to try to beat the rush hour traffic. Once we were checked in, we had one more gift to present. Though it was incomplete and it will be shipped later, we showed Motobu Sensei and Inaba their custom photo album of the entire visit. Nobody wanted to leave but life goes on. We said our goodbyes and stayed with them until they were through the security gate and out of site. We all then went home and slept for 2 days straight...

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