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Romanian Kempo Team 

1. AMATTO ZAHARIA - Team Leader and Head Coach
Born 1966. Started martial arts training in 1978 His martial arts training was "undreground", "out of the law", as they say in Romania,
due to the ban on all martial arts training except Boxing and Judo. The communist government under the rule of the Dictator Ceausescu
had made it a crime to practice martial arts and those who chose to train took great risks to practice the art they loved.

Shihan Zaharia has been the Romanian National Champion , European Champion , World Champion in Full-Contact and Free-Style martial arts , competing in more than 60 fights in more than 25 countries from Europe to Asia . From 2000 he is the Director of Kempo Departament in the
Romanian Martial Arts Federation , the largest one in Romania with over 170 affiliated clubs , and also the MasterCoach of the
Romanian National Kempo Team. He is still competing in Masters Tournaments being undeafeated in Full-contact and Knockdown rules.

2. FLORENTIN MARINESCU ( 8th dan in Karate, Jujitsu and Kempo) , President of the Romanian Martial Arts Federation ,
His is the official pioneer of martial arts in Romania , with more than 40 years of activity . The most respected Grandmaster in Romanian martial arts,
Kancho Marinescu was the one who coached the private security of Ceausescu, his private bodyguards, Florentin Marinescu in person covering the dictator
many times . Florentin Marinescu also coached the STEAUA FOTBAL CLUB TEAM physical conditioning, and at that time STEAUA won the Champions League. Kancho Marinescu is a specialist in self-defense and special weapon tactics in street-fighting .

3. RAZVAN VOVCENCO, Shihan - Chairman of Referees, coach

4. AURELIANA OUSOR - Assistant to the Chairman of Referees

5. ROBERT MANOLE, Shihan, coach.

6. SANDA PAUN - Female,
Weight -60 kg, National Champion, European Champion, World Champion FULL-CONTACT KEMPO
 Started martial arts in 1990 at the age of 12. 

7. CATALIN PAUN - male, Weight -65 kg, National Champion FULL-CONTACT KEMPO.

8. DRAGAN MIREL - male, Weight -65 kg,

9. SCAPAU MADALIN - male, Weight -65 kg, 

10. ALBACEANU IULIAN - male, Weight -70 kg, National Champion, European Champion, World Champion, FULL-CONTACT or KNOCKDOWN KEMPO

11. GHEBA STEFAN - male, Weight -80 kg, National Champion, European Champion, World Champion, FULL-CONTACT or KNOCKDOWN KEMPO