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Full-contact Sport Kempo Fighting Rules

Abbreviated Sport Kempo Fighting Rules


Remember, these rules were written by Europeans, whose primary language is not English. There may be some problems with sentence structure and word usage.  I have tried to clean up the obvious mistakes but if something is not clear please let me know and I will try to make it clear.  A full set of the most current rules may be seen by visiting:  www.internationalkempofederation.net


Kickboxing Style

FULL-CONTACT KEMPO / fighting rules

-Kicks to the head (just circulars)
-Kicks to the body
-Kicks to the legs (not frontal)
-Knees to the body and to the legs (only circulars and frontals, but not inside of the legs).
-Kicks with external and internal side of foot to the knee-back side of the opponent, only for takedowns or throws, and only when the one who kick is in the back of the opponent
-Punches to the head and to the body
-Takedowns, throws inside 10 sec. from grab
Chokes**, arm bars, leg bars, pinning
*inside of grabbing time just knees strikes is allowed.
**No chokes or arm bars is allowed from standing up.


-Strikes in the eyes, groin area, to the spin, to the knees
-Knees to the head and any elbows
-Frontal kicks to the head or legs
-Knees to the interior of the thigh
-Frontal and side kicks to the knees
-Striking at the ground fighting
-Spitting and bites
-Chokes, leg bars, arm bars when sportives are standing up
-Striking with the head or with fingers
-Striking with the outside part of the arms from the boxing gloves
-Pressing with fists, fingers or elbows
-Striking to the back side of the opponent


-ground fighting points will be decided and announced only by the ring referee . Ring referee will indicate to the table judge the points and the fighter who earned them.
-The period in which fighters could finalize their throws, from grabbing the opponent, is max. 10 sec.
knees strikes is allowed just inside of max. 5 seconds of grabbing time (10 sec).
-The ground fighting will be allowed for max 10 sec. In case of fixing will appear in this time, the ring referee will start to count for 10 sec. In case one of combatants stand up during ground fighting, the fight will be stopped and restarted from the center of fighting area. Ground fighting rule is "One knee on the ground or on the opponent".


-By decision
-By K.O. (by striking or by abandon inside of 10.sec. being fixed, choked or arm-locked)
-By T.K.O.
-By abandon
-By 3 KDs.


Juniors II: 12-13 years old (National tournaments), 
                  14 -15 years old (World or Continental Championships).
 Juniors I: 16-17 years old.
Seniors: 18 -35 years old.
Masters: +36 years old


-cleaned white or black Gi pants, next to the ankle, black Gi jacket, (equipment approved for WKC 2003 and EKC 2004)-"Bruce Lee" Kempo gloves 8-10 oz. (or boxing gloves depending by the organizer)
-groin protection for men and chest protection for women, under the clothes,-any model of shin + foot guard (without plastic insertion inside),-headgear (optional over 18 y.o.),-Mouth guard (gum-shield)


1 round x 3 minutes / preliminaries and semifinals
2 rounds x 2 minutes / finals


-Central referee will give points as follows:
 a)-ground fighting: good chokes, pinning, arm bars, leg bars, kept 10 sec.: 2 points
 b)-KD: 2 points, 3 KD (in all the rounds, cumulative) =KO
-Central referee will give warnings and penalties as follows:
 a)-illegal techniques: warning, warning, -3 points. Warnings are cumulative for all rounds.
  B)-depending of the gravity, the central referee can give -3 points directly after the first warning
 c)-after -3 points, for the continue making fouls, he can decide disqualification with the approval of 2 from 3 table judges
-Table judges will give points at the standing up fighting as follows:
  -punches to the head and to the body: 1 point
  -kicks to the legs and to the body: 1 point
  -jumping kicks to the body: 1 point
  -kicks to the head:  2 points
  -jumping kicks to the head: 3 points
  -takedowns , sweepings , short throws :  1 point,   large throws : 2 points