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Knockdown Sport Kempo Fighting Rules
(bare knuckle full-contact)

Kempo fighting/MMA Style

KNOCKDOWN KEMPO / fighting rules


-Kicks to the head (just circulars), to the body and to the legs.
-Knees to the torso and to the legs (but not inside of the legs).
-Kicks with external and internal side of foot to the knee-back side of the opponent, only for takedowns or throws, and only when the one who kick is in the back of the opponent
-Punches and elbows to the body and to the legs (above the knees).
-Takedowns and throws (inside of 10 sec. from grab)
-Chokes*, arm bars, leg bars, pinning techniques.
-Striking with punches, elbows and knees at the ground fighting to the torso and to the hands.
*No chokes or arm bars is allowed from standing up.
** Inside grabbing time (10 sec.) competitors can:
     -punch to the body and to the legs (above the knees)
     -elbow strike to the body and to the legs (above the knees)
     -knee strike to the body and to the legs (above the knees)
     -circular kick (external and internal) to the legs (above the knees)


-Punches to the head
-Knees to the head and inside the legs
-Elbows to the head
-Strikes to the groin area, to the spin, to the neck and in the eyes.
-Bites, spitting
-Frontal kicks to the head
-Striking using the head or fingers
-Frontal and side kicks to the knees
-Striking to the back side of the opponent
-Striking at the ground fighting anywhere else than the torso and the hands.


-ground fighting will be not scored. The ground fighting can bring abandon or KO but no points.
-The period in which fighters could finalize their throws, from gripping the opponent, is max. 10 sec.
-the ground fighting will be stopped after max. 30 sec. of full action, or anytime in case of noncombat. In case one of combatants stand up during the ground fighting, the fight will be stopped and restarted from the center of fighting area
-knees strikes is allowed just inside of max. 5 seconds of grabbing time (10 sec).
-All techniques must be very clear and powerful in order to be scored


-By decision-By K.O., -By T.K.O., -By abandon, -By 3 KDs.


-cleaned white or black Gi pants, next to the ankle, black Gi jacket, belt red/blue. (Equipment approved for WKC 2003 and EKC 2004)-groin protection for men and chest protection for women, under clothes
-mouth guard (optional)-grappling gloves
Juniors I: 16 -17 years old (only in National Tournaments).
Seniors: 18 35 years old (World or Continental Championships).
Masters: +36 years old


1 round x 3 minutes / preliminaries and semifinals
1 round x 5 minutes / finals (masters: 1 round * 3 minutes)
The fighting time for all divisions could be changed with organizers and team leaders acceptance only before the competitions starts.


-the central referee will take care of respecting the rules
-in the ground fighting, central referee and table judges will give no score
-table judges will give points just for the standing up fighting (for kicks, jumping kicks and for throws, takedowns and good techniques):
  -kicks to the body: 1 point
  -jumping kicks to the body: 1 point
  -kicks to the head:  2 points
  -jumping kicks to the head: 3 points
  -takedowns, short throws:  1 point
  -large throws: 2 points
  -KD's : 2 points
  -3 KD's = KO

Article 2 : Weight categories
2.1 The weight categories will be from 5 to 5 kg , starting from -35 kg :
-35 kg , -40 kg , -45 kg , -50 kg , -55kg , -60kg , -65kg , -70kg , -75kg , -80kg -85 kg , -90kg , +90kg
2.2 With organizers , IKF officials and team leaders acceptance , the weight categories could be changed only before the competitions start .

Article 3: Judgment in general (scoring and refereeing)
3.1. Can be used attacking and defending techniques of any Kempo styles or schools, respecting the rules for SEMI-CONTACT, FULL-CONTACT and KNOCKDOWN divisions.
3.2. To make an easier life for referees and judges, in this way improving their level, all divisions are scored in the same way respecting their legal techniques used in:
-Punches to the head and body: 1 point
-Kicks to the legs and to the body: 1 point
-Kicks to the head: 2 points
-Jumping kicks to the head: 3 points
-Jumping kicks to the body: 1 point
-Short throws, takedowns, sweepings: 1 point*
-Large throws: 2 points (the foot circle-line must be over the hip)*
-Pinning techniques, chokes , arm bars , leg bars -2 points (10 sec. keeping fixed are required ) .
Chokes** must be done only with arms having the opponent's body between the knees
-KD: 2 points in case of FC/KD division, and penalties in case of SC division
-3 KD=KO in case of FC/KD division and disqualification in case of SC division.
*In case of throws, the points will be given to the one who finalized the action, not necessarily to the one who started it.
**Chokes from behind will be done only like this:
I choke the opponent from behind with my arms. When I stand up, I am not allowed to jump or to pull my opponent directly to his back to the ground. When both of us are standing on the knees or at the ground, I am allowed just to pull him to the ground turning (rolling) on my left or right side (but not directly to our back).
3.3 Fouls:
- Holding the opponent in arms passively
- Requesting for a time-out when in disadvantageous position,
- Unsportsmanlike behavior to the judge or disobedience to his decision
- Shouting out loudly when fight is going on,
- Delaying the fight deliberately.
- Spitting out the gum-shield or loosening the protective gears on purpose in a fight.
- The competitor's behavior in violation of the protocol.
- Attacking the opponent before the signal "Start" or after the signal, "Stop!"
- Hitting the opponent on prohibited parts,
- Hitting the opponent by using any of the prohibited methods or techniques.
3.4. Penalties for Full-Contact and Knockdown divisions:
-A warning will be given for a foul.
-A competitor who took 3 warnings will be penalized with (-3) points.
- Ring referee could give (-3) point's penalty for the competitor who used voluntary and repeatedly prohibited methods/techniques.
-A contestant who is found guilty of doping or inhaling oxygen during the rest will be disqualified from the whole competition.

Article 4: Interrupting the Fight (the time will not be stopped)

The fight will be interrupted (the time still going) in any of the following cases:
4.1 A competitor has accidentally fallen down or off the fighting surface
4.2 A competitor is given a penalty or a warning.
4.3 A competitor earned 2 points for ground fighting 10 sec techniques
4.4 The competitors hold each other in arms with no attack or attacking without strength for more than 10 seconds. This is considered non-combat action.
4.5 A competitor falls down on purpose.
4.6 A competitor needs to be quickly equipment-arranged.
4.7 A competitor is forced counted after receiving a heavy strike or after KD. The counting is from 1 to 8 and, if the competitor cannot continue to fight or is still down for 10 seconds, or can stand up but with abnormal consciousness, he will lose the fight.
4.8 Both competitors refrain from attacking, and one of them, after being ordered to attack, shows passivity for duration of 10 seconds.
4.9 In ground fighting, after max. 10 sec. of full-action in Full Contact Kempo or after max. 30 sec. of full action in Knockdown Kempo, or anytime if there is no action.

Article 5: Stopping the Fight (Time-out / the time will be stopped)
the fight will be stopped (also the time will be stopped) in any of the following cases:
5.1 A competitor is injured and need medical opinion or treatment.
5.2 A competitor needs to be equipment-arranged (long time).
5.3 A competitor asks for a suspension of fight by raising his hand due to objective problems (accepted by the rules).
5.4 The head judge or Chairman of referees corrects a misjudgment or an omission.
5.5 Ring referee or table-judge needs to consult with Chairman of Referees, or with the other 3 judges.
5.6 There are problems or dangers on the fighting surface that needs to be solved or handled.
5.7 The fight is affected by objective factors such as problems of lighting and about the contest area.
5.8 In case of abandon.

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