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The Beginning.....
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We seemed to be doing a lot of waiting around for our flights.....
Our hotel....
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Turned out that doni and I got the cheapest hotel room and also the largest and nicest configuration...we had a sitting area and a kitchen........
Buda Castle
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This is a photo of Buda Castle from the higher Monument Hill
The US Kempo Team 2007
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From left to right - Doni Pulley, NC; Rob Zingg, WV; Brian Duffy, TX; Ray Gilbert, MO.
Shihan Zingg wins Gold!
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Shihan Zingg on the winners podium for his Gold Medal and the World Championship in Masters Kata
Shihan Duffy wins Gold!
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Shihan Brian Duffy wins Gold in the Light Contact Masters Division while Shihan Karoli of Romania takes the Silver.
Sensei Gilbert wins Gold!
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Sensei Ray Gilbert with one of his 2 Gold Medal wins in Full-contact fighting...this one is in Knockdown.....and was for the World Championship!
Sensei Pulley wins Silver
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Sensei Doni Pulley wins the Silver Medal in Masters Full-Contact fighting!