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Okinawan Karate Master

Hanshi Seifuku Nitta

10th Dan

Shorin-ryu Seidoukan Karate

Seifuku Nitta gave a great and informative seminar that was thoouroughly enjoyed by all.  Shihan Frank Williams brought Nitta Hanshi, and his son, to Washington, DC and did sightseeing and had a private VIP tour of the Capital Building, courtesy of Shihan Vince Anthony of Virginia and his students.  They then travelled to WV Friday night and we were at it bright and early Sat. morning at 9am.  We did Sochin Kata and Tsuken Bo Kata.  Sensei Nitta had a great time and said he is looking forward to coming back next year.

We can't wait.

Sensei Zingg