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RESULTS for USA Team at 
2009 World Kempo Championship Tournament

October 26-31,2009
in Beautiful and Historic
Bucharest, Romania


Master Jeff Speakman, new IKF President, with US Kempo Team                               Benny "the Jet" with US Team Captain             Benny 'The Jet" and the US Kempo Team, l-r Malford Jeter, Ray
front - Corey Hughes, Malford Jeter, standing- Ray Ferrell, president                           Robert Zingg being presented with a                 Gilbert, Ray Ferrell, Brian Duffy, Benny, Robert Zingg, Colin Duffy,
of The American Kempo-Karate Association, Robert Zingg, US Team                         US Kempo Team shirt.                                      and Corey Hughes .
Captain, Jeff Speakman, Brian Duffy, and Ray Gilbert.

The USA won the 2nd Place Overall Team Cup and the 3rd Place Overall Traditional Events Team cup at the 2009 World Kempo Championship Tournament in Bucharest, Romania Oct. 26-31, 2009.

This is the highest place the US has won in the tournament with two previous 3rd place finishes, in 2003 and last year in 2008.

The final tally was 7 Gold, 8 Silver, and 12 Bronze medals.  This brings the US Kempo Team totals including the previous 4 championships to 30 gold, 26 Silver and 44 Bronze medals. In past events the US Team has only been able to field teams of fewer than 11 members.  But 2010 is looking to be a real awakening of Kempo/Kenpo in the US and we are anticipating a tremendous team in 2010!

This year marks a turning point in US Team history by having everyone on the team medal for the third straight year.

Another historic marker is the election on Master Jeff Speakman as the new International Kempo Federation President.  Mr. Speakman is the founder of the Jeff Speakman KENPO 5.0 System and has stared in martial arts action movies, such as "The Perfect Weapon". Other noted guests attending the tournament were legendary fighter and kickboxer, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, and tournament legend, movie star and stunt man Eric Lee. Both Mr. Urquidez and Mr. Lee were extrordinary gentlemen and tremendously gracious martial artists. It was truely a pleasure to spend time with them listening to their stories, following their history, and enjoying their company.

Is it KEMPO or KENPO? This is a conundrum in many martial arts circles about the various spelling of the of the name of our art.  Talk to ten people and you will probably get ten different reasons why it is spelled either way, however, Mr. Speakman doesn't think it will pose much  of a problem. "I think we can come up with a new IKF logo that reflects both versions of the spelling of the word, and as a result of the graphic imagery, it can appear to be spelled either way depending on how you look at it and what you are looking for".

Mr. Robert Zingg, the US Team Leader, and Mr. Speakman, are both looking forward to a tremendous team for next year.  the site has not yet been chosen, but plans are underway for a very large US appearance at the 2010 World Kempo Championship Tournament.

Anyone who might be interested in being part of the 2010 US Kempo Team, please contact Mr. Zingg, at rzingg@email.com, or by calling 304-725-3639.  The mailing address for the United States Kempo Team is  111 W. 2nd Avenue, Suite B, Ranson, WV, 25438.


Traditional Events

Mens Senior Forms - 18-35 years old.

     Colin Duffy (Texas)- Bronze

Mens Senior Weapon Forms - 18-35 years old

     Colin Duffy (Texas) - Bronze

 Mens Senior Masters Forms - 36 and over

     Brian Duffy (Texas) - Bronze

 Mens Senior Masters Weapons forms - 36 and over

     Robert Zingg (West Virginia) - Bronze

 Mens Senior Empty-hand Self Defense - 18 - 35 years old

            Dan Pribble (Calif) and Anto Parseghian (Calif) - Silver

            Colin Duffy (Texas) and Corey Hughes (North Carolina) - Bronze

 Mens Senior Weapons Self-defens - 18 - 35 years old

     Colin Duffy and Corey Hughes - Gold

 Mens Senior Masters Empty-hand Self Defense - 36 & over

     Robert Zingg (WV) and Ray Gilbert (Missouri) - Silver

             Brian Duffy (TX) and Colin Duffy (TX) - Bronze

 Mens Senior Masters Weapons Self Defense - 36 and over

     Robert Zingg (WV) and Ray Gilbert (MO) - Silver

             Brian Duffy (TX) and Colin Duffy (TX) - Bronze

 Mens Senior Masters Open Self Defense - 4 man - 36 & over

     Robert Zingg (WV), Brian Duffy (TX), Ray Gilbert (MO), Malford Jeter (NC) - Bronze

 Gladiator - Padded Weapon Fighting

Mens Senior 18 - 35 years old

               Colin Duffy (TX) - Bronze

 Mens Senior Masters - 36 and over

                Robert Zingg (WV) - Silver

               Malford Jeter (North Carolina) - Bronze


Overall Traditional Events Team Cup

1st Place       The Netherlands

2nd Place      Romania

3rd Place       USA



Fighting Events


Mens Senior 18-35 years old

     -85 kgs - Colin Duffy (TX) - Silver

     -60 kgs - Corey Hughes (NC) - Bronze

Mens Senior Masters 36 and over

     -87.5 kgs - Brian Duffy (TX) - Silver

     +95 kgs - Ray Gilbert (MO) - Gold

Full-contact Kempo

Mens Senior Masters 36 and over

     -70 kgs - Malford Jeter (NC)  - Gold

     +95 kgs - Ray Gilbert (MO) - Silver

Knockdown Kempo

Mens Senior Master 36 and over

      -70 kgs - Malford Jeter (NC) - Gold    

     +95 kgs - Ray Gilbert (MO) - Gold

K-1 Kempo

Mens Senior Masters 36 and over

     -70 kgs - Malford Jeter (NC) - Silver

     +95 kgs - Ray Gilbert (MO) - Gold

Submission Kempo

Mens Senior 18 - 35 years old

     -85 kgs - Dan Pribble (CA) - Bronze

Mens Senior Masters 36 and over

     +95 kgs - Ray Gilbert (MO) - Gold

Overall Team Cup

1st place - Romania

2nd place - USA

3rd Place - The Netherlands

Not bad for a team of only 8 guys!

 Watch out for next year, the USA is coming on STRONG!

 To sign up for the 2010 United States Kempo Team, see the sidebar to the left and submit an application now!

If you are interested in being part of the 2009 US Kempo Team,
please send a compelling, detailed email with your Kempo/Kenpo or related experience,
training history, specialized skills, and events in which you are interested in competing, to: